Figuring Out The Cost Of Renting A Limousine

Alright boys, the time is here, Bachelor party planning time. I’m suggesting the we all split the cost and perhaps i’ll set up a way for us all to pitch in online. Now after calling a few limo spots I ended up taking some advice from some info I got at St. Pete Limos. I learned That limousine pricing can really range depending on which company we call, what time of year and especially what type of vehicle.

Limousine Prices

So it look like the range per hour is anywhywher between $100-$350 depending on what we get. The lowest option would be a town car stretch that we’d fit into but if you single guys are looking to pick up some girls along the nightclub path we might want to go with a party bus. They are quite a bit more pricey so we’ll have to make sure everything is ok with spending the extra amount.

How To get a Limo Deal

Figured it might be a good idea to keep searching for a deal. From what I understand it would be best to find a company where the owner is the driver. It costs a lot less because the owner doesn’t have to add the cost of paying an employee which passes some of the discount to us. Score. The lighting in these party buses is pretty awesome so I think it’s definitely the way to go instead of a regular limousine for the bro’s

Drinking In the Limo

Pretty sure we’re all going to be getting fairl hammered so let me set the rules straight. The law states that the limousine company owner can’t actually provide us with booze but we can sort of, kind of shift it towards our favour. The law allows to transport one’s own alcohol outside of the reach of the driver. So no drunk tables to the driver because you now feel it’s important. We’ll stay in the back of the limo and not bother him. Shouldn’t be any issues. There is a vomit fee I guess that is about $75 depending on where it lands so please be wary of what level you take this too. Remember what happen on this trip stays on this trip. We’re not going to have many more chances to go out and od stuff like this so let’s make the best of it. i’ll do my best to scour Craigslist for a better price but honestly I say we just go for it and have a blast and look back on it with smiles. The lincoln town car stretch is a cool option but honestly once you’re sitting in there it’s not nearly as fun as a party bus you can stand up in with stripper poles..amirite?

Hummer Limo Option


Hummer limos might be a good middle ground between the two options so i’ll keep that in mind. The only one I found so far was pink so don’t think that one is going to happen but we’ll see. We should get something for about 12-14 people so that’s within range. Worth a look if we can get one at a good price and pretty ballin look to pull up to the club in.