How I keep my Auto Glass Looking Clean and Fly!

Car cleaning the right way with the hamilton auto glass experts

So I figured a few ways to get your windows a little bit cleaner, maybe help out cleaning the mirrors to see the reflection a bit better. Oftentimes, even in the winter or if you maybe go off roading, your window is going to get dirty. Getting dirty, it’s a matter fact when driving in different weather conditions. Just ask the repair guys at this auto glass hamilton place. They used to clean bird crap off my windows whenever I’de need a repair lol. You can end up needing to clean your windows off eventually, so here are some tips to better keep your windows super clean.

First and foremost, what you’re really going need to figure out is how to get the best possible car windshield cleaner. There’s a few options out there I’m sure you’ve seen commercials at night as to what the actual best option for cleaning your windows is. Now depending if you want to have an environmentally friendly cleaner or not this can be a few different options. The main ingredients are to remain the same even if looking at alcohol and in some cases ammonia but other than that its going to make sure that you find the right product maybe through Amazon. One that’s going to leave no residue afterwards and, of course, something that you can recycle bonus if environmentally friendly

There’s a bit of a debate about whether or not you should use ammonia. Some people say that it’s an absolute thing that you should avoid now. I would say that doesn’t really damage your windows but if you are maybe a little bit concerned about going this route but it does do a great job just make sure your windows are done up tightly so it doesn’t affect your vehicle’s interior as I hear that’s the reason why people don’t use ammonia but that could be you. Could also not be the case, it really depends on your decision. I mean I think it’s because people have leather interiors and that is really an issue so if you don’t have leather interior I wouldnt really worry about it too much but make sure that you do a little more research before you apply ammonia to your vehicle. Don’t get stuck forgetting to check your life’s “car blind spot” of cleaning lol.

Not only should you make sure that you get the ray cleaning fluid to make sure it’s very easy to clean your vehicle but you should also consider taking a look at what you using it toexting whipe you vehicle down. I’m sure you’ve seen all the infomercials with that guy that sells the shtick it or something like that. Ayways, I think the best thing to do is get something with the microfiber quality to it. If you check out some of the better automotive shops in your area you’ll probably find a whole section devoted to getting the right type of  cloth to wipe everything out.

Something  you will forget when cleaning your windows is to make sure that they only use one towel. If you use more than one towel you might end up using the wrong fluid or contaminating it in a way that’s going to negatively affect your cars windshield or side and back windows. So there’re two ways of going about this just plan to use one individual towel for the entire job only. Then there’s also the plan of just keeping one on the side so that you can use it as well for a wiping purposes only. Other than that I would consider potentially getting a whole stack of these maybe from a local Costco or something in bulk where it’s not a big deal if you just toss them out directly after you feel like it’s too dirty to continue cleaning the rest of the windshield.