New Ottawa Towing Law Barely Announced And Another Truck Driver Killed.

Ottawa Towing Accident

Ok, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. As I have friends that drive for police and towing service buddies. I also worked construction when I was younger. What do these all have in common? You have to put yourself in a dangerous situation standing outside your vehicle on the side of the road. Cars and trucks go barrelling past and you can feel the wind. PLEASE for the love of god slow down!

Proper procedure is to slow down, get in the far lane and pass cautiously as there could be degree scattered across the road. Perhaps they are performing CPR or have a neck injury within inches of the road and can’t move the patient. Regardless, Ottawa Ontario made an effort by passing a law to fine those who do not switch lanes allowing tow truck drivers the space to do their jobs. Can you fucking believe it!? Why wasn’t this a law already. MY good friends drives a flatbed truck and does roadside assistance towing all the time in the area. Turns out yet ANOTHER tow truck driver was killed on the side of the road trying to provide for his family. What a miserable waste this is for his entire family. All probably because some idiot 19 year old was texting and driving and not following the new law.

The outrage I feel when I see people zooming by while people do their JOBS is embarrassing to the entire human species. You just don’t understand until you’re stuck at the side of the road and how helpless you feel as cars zoom by at 120km per hour minimum. No imagine trying to change a tire for a mom and her baby. Have some goddamn respect for human life and slow down for roadside workers! My heart goes out to that family in Ottawa that lost their loved husband and father. I know this is a bit of a break form what I normally talk about but damn, this one hits home.

Maybe electric automated cars aren’t are horrible idea you know? Less idoits and human error causing unneeded deaths?! Just a though I suppose but I think its worth trying in large population and giving this a real try. Human ADHD is just getting out of control, theres too many distractions for young drivers, weather conditions should be a reason for people to slow down but they just don’t do it for some tease. Maybe if this was their family member they would think twice before speeding past somebody that trying to provide a living for themselves and their family.

A bit of a rant here but I meant it, please keep an eye out when you are driving. Don’t be that asshole that kills the next roadside worker.