My 30lbs no Bullshit Summer 2015 Weight Cut

What up fools.

There’s 5 types of shape:

  1. The Button up shirt hide my gut
  2. T-shirt
  3. Tucked in shirt
  4. No shirt
  5. Sitting down without a shirt on shape.

Knowledge = dropped

Which one will you be?

The summer time will expose those who didn’t come in guns blazing, putting the effort in during the spring and maintaining for the summer while downing 40oz’s of grey goose on the beach. Now you may be surprised to hear, I didn’t even start my summer cut this year until May. WHY? Well son, I wanted to take my bulking game to the next level so here’s what I did:

240 Grams Protein

49 Grams of Fat

280 Grams of Carbs

Added 40 lbs of weight in 8 months. My lifts went through the roof. Bench almost doubled, added ridiculous strength to my legs and I kept up the running to so nah moo’s gunna catch me if the streets. I was hitting my cardio at least 3 times a week all year like my personal trainer in san diego told me I must keep doing. But I’lll tell you this, I still got to be one immobile peace of shit ahah. Pretty unreal, I didn’t realize I was almost in need of reclining my seat just to get the seat belt across my chest. Beast mode has it’s draw backs. SOOO what did I do? It was time to get rocking the annual weight cut and here’s my recipe for you. Work for me every year. Straight science dog.

Everyday eat your body weight #/lbs in gram of protein + 20, my case 260g’s sucka.

240lbs = eat 260g’s protein.

Stay under 50g’s of fat a day. Go as low as 30gs when you can.

and eat your body weight in grams of carbs so 240. No more, try to get this one very close so you have good energy.

If you follow this macro plan tight and watch the oil, you’ll keep the fat content way down and the weight just falls off. IMPORTANT you must his your protein everyday.
I don’t care if you have 6 broads and your camping out in the woods and these bitches only brought crackers!!! HIT YOUR PROTEIN BREH!

You find a way. you go out and kill some squirrels and steal their acorns if you have to. Why? if you don’t hit your protein you will lose the muscle built. It’s pretty simple. You keep yourself at 1000 calories lower than what your body needs and it will be forced to adapt. By doing so you drops an pound about every 3 days easy. BUT if you don’t hit your protein that won’t be fat it’ll be hard gained muscle evaporating. So keep a close eye on it and track that shit.


MY cut: I went 240 to 210 in a month and maintained for the rest of the summer. I ate pizza or a big mac once a week but besides that 100% clean and straight vodka if I was in drinking mode. Follow the macros it works. Don’t be the guy that won’t kill the squire you’ll for the protein  or you’ll end up eating shit every else.


Don’t be sissy,